Welcome to Atlanta Real Estate Photography & Video

Atlanta Real Estate Photo & Video delivers elegant and engaging photos and videos to help create exceptional marketing collateral for real estate agents, commercial brokers, designers, builders, and more. Make a great first impression with some beautiful pictures taken with professional care.

Why use Atlanta Real Estate Photography & Video?

The answer is simple. Quality.

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at listings for houses online, you’ve seen the difference between a portfolio of photographs taken with pro DSLR gear versus basic point and shoot cameras or camera phones. The images you place online are your gateway to new customers.

Atlanta Real Estate Photography & Video uses DSLR cameras with top of the line wide angle lenses to best capture the essence of each room. Property owners who’ve spent years renovating and showering their homes with love want images that will grab the eye and bring more people in for showings. 

The old saying is still very true… “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

With just a minimum investment for professional photography and video, home owners and agents can guarantee a much greater show rate leading to much faster sales. With hundreds or even thousands of homes in your area and price range for buyers to choose from, demand their attention with interesting, colorful, and dynamic real estate photos that draw them into your property and get you noticed.