Everything you need to know about ordering a real estate video

Everyone is into video these days. Every minute of the day Netflix streams 86,805 hours of video and 300 hours of new video content is added to YouTube. People can watch on their TV, on their laptops, on their tablets, on their phones. Video is everywhere, and now more than ever before, homeowners are wanting to market their homes with video in addition to pictures.

So, your client has requested that you add a video to your marketing plan? Atlanta Real Estate Photo & Video has you covered. The following is meant to give you a rundown of all the options available when choosing to use video to market both your listings as well as yourselves.

The MLS conundrum

For reasons unknown, the Georgia MLS system actually tries to make it difficult to add a video to your listing.  Agents are not allowed to simply add a link to the MLS profile to either YouTube or Vimeo, or any of the other thousands of web sites that host videos. So, the first thing I try to explain to a video customer are the choices they need to consider.

1)      Branded Video: We can produce a branded video for you, that will contain your name, phone number, email address, physical address…. Anything you want. The video can have a banner at the bottom with the information constantly on the screen, or it can be presented at the beginning or the end along with your logo and picture. Whatever you choose to market yourself throughout the video we can do. BUT, you are not allowed to show this version of a video directly from the MLS system. A Branded version of a real estate video is good for putting on your own YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can add it on your own web site. You can put it anywhere you can upload a video, except for directly linked from the MLS system. Which brings us to….

2)      Un-branded video: This version of the video is very similar to the branded version, except we are not allowed to show your contact information in any way. We can’t show your listing sign in the yard. We can’t show your face or have you speak to us. We can only show the address of the property. But the trade-off is, by following these rules, you CAN upload the video in a way that will be allowed on the MLS system. By utilizing certain pre-approved virtual tour vendors who allow you to add video, it is possible to create links directly to the video from the MLS system under the “Virtual Tour” link section. (additional fees apply to create a virtual tour)

In the past, virtual tours were just still images put to music with slight movements or fades. Now-a-days the MLS system basically does that for you for free. Until something changes, the MLS system will still only allow you to link to an outside approved virtual tour provider. To stay relevant in an era where static image virtual tours are no longer the “cool new thing”, some tour providers have adapted to allow full 1080 video instead. That is how we have to circumvent the system in order to add a video directly to the MLS system. We have to upload an un-branded video to a virtual tour provider, and then add the links to the MLS from their web site.

Choosing a branded video means you are choosing to market both your listing and yourself. Potential buyers can see the video while the house is for sale in the various places it has been uploaded, and then potential sellers can see the video long after the house has been sold. Branded videos live on past the sale, and offer a glimpse into what you are offering as an agent for your sellers.

Choosing an un-branded video means you are choosing to market your property by allowing direct access to video from the MLS system. Interested buyers will have an easier time finding your video due the ease of clicking the virtual tour link. Just keep in mind that once the property has been sold the virtual tour video and all links to it will disappear from the MLS system.

Of course you can also choose both. We can create both versions for you. Its just an additional hour or two to create both versions and upload them where they need to go.

I hope this has helped you understand the choices that can be made when ordering your video. If you have any other questions, just let us know.

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