Atlanta Real Estate Photo and Video Commercial Photography Portfolio

Multifamily Exteriors

AREPAV uses quadcopters, poles, and full frame cameras to capture exterior images of multifamily buildings and apartment complexes.


MultiFamily Twilights

AREPAV uses combinations of large flashes and long exposures to produce beautiful twilight images to help make your property photography pop.


Multifamily Amenities

As the competition for higher density housing heats up, often the amenities are what make the difference for potential buyers and renters.


Multifamily Interiors

Architectural interior photography is one of the more complicated disciplines in the world of images, and AREPAV has you covered.


Interior Design

AREPAV slows it down for interior design shoots... taking our time to make sure the balance of ambient and artificial light combine for the greatest visual effect.


Builders and New Construction

The fresh paint is still lingering in the air, and there is not a smudge to be seen on wall, cabinet, or appliance, and your online portfolio can't wait to show off your newest design.


Detail Shots

It's all in the details. Highlight features from cabinets to sinks to light fixtures. Spice up any gallery with a more cinematic view of a property.


Commercial Workspaces

Capture the transformation of re-purposed older buildings into thriving multi-use shared office spaces that are revitalizing previously overlooked parts of town.


Office Buildings

Whether it is 30 floors or 3 floors, every building has it's story.


Proximity Photos

Proximity photos are great way to show potential buyers and investors the divisity of entertainment and shopping in the nearby neighborhoods.


Land Photos

Sometimes you just need to convey the untapped potential of a fresh parcel.